All Jobs are Available if you Look

Guide to a Better Job Search

When you are searching for a job, what’s the first thing you enter in the search engine? If you are like most people, you’ve entered one of the following things into Google. These are five of the most popular job searches that have been used historically.

“USA Jobs”
“Government Jobs”
“Jobs Near Me”
“Work From Home Jobs”

There are other searches out there that are quite popular, but these are some of the most prevailing and recurring searches out there. They are used over and over again, but do they yield results?

At best, these types of searches yield very limited results. The vast majority of the time, these searches just send you to other job search sites. Unless you go past the first few pages of results, you will never find actual sites where you can apply for jobs. Although a starting point, these types of search almost always end up being wastes of time. In almost every single instance, having a better starting point can help speed up the process for you. All you need to do is spend a few minutes thinking about the type of job that you want to pursue. Write down the types of careers that you are interested in pursuing for the long haul. Then, look at the companies around you, both big and small. Which of those companies fit in with your career goals? The Holidays are the Busiest Time of Year for Deliveries

If this sounds overly simple, don’t be alarmed. It is not overly simple, but instead a strong tactic for helping you to streamline your search. Do not confuse efficiency for simplicity. You no longer need to search through the countless jobs that are posted online that are just a waste of your time and energy. Instead, you are beginning your search with a better idea of what it is you want to accomplish. From there, you are doing the same things that you would normally do, but with better search terms. If you’ve never tried one of the five searches that were listed above, do yourself a favor and skip them. Instead, try more refined terms. Instead of “USA Jobs,” search for “Café Jobs (Your City).” It will give you a much better starting point so that you aren’t wasting your time with not just fruitless searches, but with knowing what it is you are trying to find, too.

Is this method perfect? No. It doesn’t take into account the fact that you might be willing to travel for your work or relocate. It also doesn’t take into the account that there are countless jobs and companies out there that you have never heard of. Some of these could very easily be the site of your dream job. Please note that we are not telling you not to do a job search online. Instead, we are trying to help you avoid the common mistakes that almost everyone has made at one time or another and perfect your search. You should still search. But instead of using the generic terms and searches that we’ve all seen, use keywords that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Here’s the basic outline of what we are suggesting. Step one is to think about the types of jobs that you want to apply to. Step two, think of local companies that fit your description, and either apply to them directly or inquire as to whether or not they are hiring. Step three is when you use the internet to start your search for those jobs that might not be found just by looking around town. Adding your personal thoughts before you start blindly searching the web ensures that your search is a high quality one.