Delivery Jobs are Out there

The Holidays are the Busiest Time of Year for Deliveries

During the holiday season, many companies are looking for temporary delivery drivers to help them offset the extra workload that is created. Temp drivers fulfill a very important role within the busiest time of year for delivery companies like FedEx and UPS, oftentimes people that are looking to make a few extra dollars for the holidays take these jobs as a part-time way to supplement their income. If you are thinking about a career as a delivery driver, this is sometimes a really good way to get experience and get noticed by the company that you wish to work for. Even if you don’t have any experience driving a truck, companies are often desperate enough at this time of year that they will hire you first and provide training later.

It might be too late to get one of these positions for this season, but there are some important lessons to learn from working as a temp driver, and they can be applied to any part of the year. First of all, the temp drivers that show the highest amount of responsibility and those that really thrive within this position have the potential to get hired on fulltime in many cases. It really depends on what the individual branch that you are working for needs, but doing well as a temp opens up many doors to you. Guide to a Better Job Search

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for a delivery driver. During a normal day, the average driver can make about a hundred stops, but at peak periods, this number goes way up. If you’re able to handle the workload of a temp driver, you are definitely able to handle the workload of a normal driver.

If you’re unsure of whether or not a career as a delivery driver is right for you, starting out as a temp is a great way to test the waters, so to speak, and make sure that this is something that you enjoy and something that you have a natural inclination for before you get weighed down by having a permanent contract with a company. If you dislike the line of work, then you don’t need to fret because it’s just a temporary position. Once the holiday rush is over, then you can walk away guilt free and never look back.

A temp job is also a great way to get your foot in the door. Maybe there are no open fulltime, permanent positions locally right now, but if you show interest in this while working as a temp, you are likely to be high on the manager’s list of people to call when a position does open up in the future. So even though a temp position might not be ideal for you right now, in a situation like this it is a good way to get started in a fulfilling and competitive career.

How do you get started looking for a temp job? If there is a branch near you, stopping in during off-peak hours (not first thing in the morning, not right before closing time) will be a good idea. Ask to speak to the manager on duty and see if they are hiring temp drivers. Be sure to dress professionally if you decide to do this. You can also call the branch and ask the same question. Applying online can also be helpful. This way, the hiring manager will have your resume on file and when there is a need for a new driver, they can look over your information and see if you fit in with their needs. After you apply, be sure to wait a few days before you call to check on the status of your application.