A Strong Interview

The interview is the next big step to getting the delivery driver job that you want. Many people get really nervous about their interview, but this isn’t something to get nervous over in most cases. Yes, a new job can be an exciting prospect, and you might even have a lot of high expectations about the interview. But letting your nerves get in the way of your ability to perform well here is not something you want to have happen. While we can’t promise that you will not feel an ounce of nervousness over the interview and the waiting process afterward, we do have some tips here that can help boost your confidence. Guide to a Better Job Search

Tip #1: Know the Most Common Interview Questions

Many entry level jobs ask the same questions or variations of the same questions. While this might seem boring or even repetitive, it is something that is definitely to your advantage. There has been much written about what the top interview questions are and how to answer them, and while we certainly don’t want to try and reinvent this topic, we would encourage you to be familiar with what they are.

Have a Strong InterviewSome of the questions that occur the most at interviews include, “Why do you wish to work here,” “What are your greatest strengths,” “What are your biggest weaknesses,” and “Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?” You don’t need to have a perfect answer to these questions, but you should be prepared to answer them honestly. The more familiar you are with these questions and the answers that you intend to give, the more smoothly your interview will flow.

Tip #2: Practice

Spend at least an hour practicing interview questions with a friend in the few days leading up to your actual interview. Pick somebody that you trust enough to be helpful to you here. You want a person that is honest and will not be afraid to give you feedback. For example, maybe you have a really bad habit of not answering questions directly. If you are asked, “what’s your biggest weakness?” but you spend five minutes talking about all of the great things you did at your last job, you will want to work on this. There may be some easy to fix issues with your interview technique that a friend can point out. There might also be some tougher to fix things going on, or there might be some questions that you are really struggling with. Working with a friend that you trust to help point these things out and give you helpful advice can avoid you making these mistakes in a real interview setting.

Tip #3: Prepare a Question

This is one of the more difficult parts of the interview, and nailing this can be the most helpful thing that you do during your interview. It is often what sets a great candidate apart from just a good one. Your question should reflect your interest in the company and in the position, and it should show that you have put a lot of thought into this opportunity. Your question should not imply that you expect something from the company, so you shouldn’t ask about pay or benefits or anything like that. Those are questions that should be held until you get a job offer. Instead, your question should be pointed toward how you can better serve the company. As a general rule, it is a good idea to think of at least three before you go into the interview in the event that one or two of them are answered during the course of the interview. The Holidays are the Busiest Time of Year for Deliveries