Types of Delivery Driver Jobs

When it comes to delivery driver positions, there are more jobs available than just the person behind the wheel of the truck. While this is the most prominent position and the most highly visible one, it is only a small part of the companies that use delivery drivers. Here, we will look at some of the positions that you might be interested in within the delivery driver business.


Driver: As you’ve probably guessed, drivers are the most visible components of the delivery business. These folks need to make sure that goods are transported to where they are supposed to be in a safe and quick manner.

Be Ready to Take on Any TaskPacker: In some companies, a separate group of individuals pack up the back of the truck. Packers are responsible for making sure that all scheduled packages are in an easily accessible place within the truck. All packages should be packed up safely and without any sort of damage to the items being transported.

Sales: Some shipping companies have sales positions available. They may be looking for new clients to use their services, or they may work in a billing capacity where they are responsible for ensuring that all clients have paid for the services that they have used in a timely manner. These positions tend to vary quite a bit in pay based upon responsibilities and the level of success at the position shown.

Shipping Clerk: Shipping and receiving clerks are the individuals that make sure trucks are packed accurately. They may be involved with packing up the contents of the truck and getting them ready for shipment. They may also be responsible for unloading when shipments arrive. The most important component of this position is ensuring that all of the packages that are supposed to be in a location are there. This means that all items on a shipment are accounted for, and all items that are supposed to be on an incoming truck are there, too. This position requires a very strong attention to detail.


You are probably wondering what a career in delivery driving pays. After all, if you’re going to make a career out of this, you likely will want to make sure that there is adequate pay to meet your needs and enough room for growth so that you can improve your quality of life over the years.

The average driver starts out making around $13 to $14 per hour. Packers begin with a bit less than this, usually around $11 to $12 per hour. Clerks, because of their increased level of responsibility, will make around $14 to $15 per hour when they take over their position.

If these levels of pay are not quite what you are looking for, don’t give up hope. These are just starting pay amounts. When you have gained experience within the industry, pay levels can go up quite a bit. Long distance drivers can make more than $20 per hour after a few months, which is a very attractive thing for many people. This industry is also poised to grow in the future. Estimates agree that this line of business will grow by about 5 percent over the coming years, but if the economy is growing at a faster rate, this is one line of business that will need to grow quickly in order to keep up. Not only does this mean more jobs, but higher pay for those that are already established in the industry. Applying now can help you to secure a place in the business and enjoy the benefits that come with this growth.